[CALPCandidates] Linking Calfornia LP county party websites on state party website


  Indeed! You guys are probably the largest and among the most active chapters. Thanks for speaking up and providing the link. I realized that my short list below had many omissions, which is why I posted it to a number of state and regional lists so that the gaps could be filled in.


  I presume you mean that Placer County was linked on the old state party website. Somehow the data containing the county links seem to have never been carried over to the new site, and have apparently been lost. I was not working on the project, and am not sure how this happened -- I'm simply trying to get the problem corrected. I'm glad to see my message having the effect of drawing attention to the matter, as I think one of the most important (if not the most important) function of the Libertarian Party of California is to support what Libertarian activists are doing at the local level.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

I am so glad you have delved into this. When the LPCA website was inaugurated, I looked and admired (it is pretty good). Where the counties should be listed, you got "Not Found". I figured the website was new and that would be corrected. As of yesterday when I looked, same thing. Is that what you and Flavio are trying to correct? Sounds to me that LPCA should send an announcement to all the counties asking for their website info, and then ask the LPCA webmaster to link them?

Any way, thank you for bringing this up.