Call Senator Feinstein re: Patriot Act reform vote

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ACLU Supporter,

If all goes according to schedule, tomorrow, Senator Feinstein and the other
members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will cast votes that could finally
fix provisions of the Patriot Act that have undermined our fundamental
freedoms for far too long.

It’s urgent that you call Senator Feinstein’s office right now and let her
know that you support bold action on Patriot Act reform.

Contact Senator Feinstein now and urge her to vote for genuine Patriot Act
reforms. <…>

As an ACLU lobbyist who has worked on the Patriot Act for more than six
years, I can say first-hand how much your calls matter. The Thursday mark-up
of Patriot Act legislation in the Judiciary Committee will set the stage for
later action in the full Senate. Senator Feingold and nine other Senators
have introduced the JUSTICE Act, a very strong bill which effectively reins
in many of the out-of-control government powers embedded in the Patriot Act.

It’s absolutely crucial that the legislation that emerges from the Judiciary
Committee embraces the strong measures Senator Feingold has put forth.
Senator Feinstein’s vote could be absolutely essential to the outcome.

Call Senator Feinstein now – and urge her to vote tomorrow for genuine
Patriot Act reforms.

Also, it helps us to know how many calls have been made because then we can
follow-up with the senator’s office. So, after you make the call, I hope
you’ll report back and let us know that you’ve contacted the Senator’s

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

[image: Michelle Richardson]
Michelle Richardson
Legislative Counsel
American Civil Liberties Union

P.S. Here are some of the most crucial elements of the JUSTICE Act -- ones
that you should urge Senator Feinstein to support tomorrow:

   - *Protecting the privacy of records* by reining in the government’s use
   of National Security Letters to collect the records of innocent people far
   removed from an actual terrorism suspect.
   - *Protecting humanitarian activities* by preventing prosecution of
   people who work with or for charities that give humanitarian aid in good
   faith to war-torn countries.
   - *Protecting First Amendment rights *by requiring that the government
   convince a court that a National Security gag order is necessary.
   - *Protecting privacy of communications* by amending last year’s sweeping
   FISA Amendments Act to better protect Americans' phone calls and emails.

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