Call Iowa Program

Dear friend,

Exciting news from Iowa! Many of you across the country have been asking how you can help in Iowa, and we're ready to take you up on it in a big way. We are officially launching our Call Iowa program today. We are asking for volunteers from Iowa and across the country to call Iowans and spread the word about the Straw Poll. We are excited about this opportunity to have Ron Paul supporters converse on a one-to-one basis with Iowans likely to be interested in attending the Straw Poll.

We are aware that some volunteers have begun calling people and trying to spread the word. While we appreciate everyone's initiative and support, the Call Iowa program is a great chance to volunteer with the official campaign and really be a part of the action! Many of you have already expressed interest in a program like this and we are grateful and excited for your help.

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in volunteering to call Iowans. You are also welcome to contact us on behalf of your group, if you have several local volunteers who are interested in working together on this. If you are interested in volunteering to call Iowans here's what to do:

Send an e-mail to calliowa@... providing us with the following information:

Your Name (ex. John Smith)

Your e-mail address (ex.

Your location (ex. Cedar Rapids, IA)

How many people you are responding for (ex. 12). Please enter "1" if you are volunteering alone on this.

Approximately how many calls you think you and your group can reasonably handle in about one week's time. (ex. 150)

Once we get your response we will send you an e-mail with a list of people to call and a guide for calling. We will give you sample scripts if you feel you need them, plus a guideline of appropriate conduct and tone, and information that should be included in every call. We promise that this program is simple and user friendly for even the least computer-inclined. We are anticipating a large response to this, so you may not get a list from us immediately, but we will work hard to get to everyone as fast as possible. Everyone who wants to volunteer will absolutely have the chance to. There are approximately 1,500,000 registered voters in Iowa, so there are plenty of calls to be made!

Please note that this e-mail address is for our Call Iowa program ONLY. Because of the large response anticipated to this program we will only be able to respond to e-mails that provide only the above requested information or relevant questions. We are very excited to be able to get everyone involved on a national scale to help get out the vote in Iowa. We welcome everyone's help, even if you can only make a handful of phone calls. We are looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Joe Seehusen

Iowa State Coordinator

Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee

P.S. - Don't forget to go to and RSVP for the Straw Poll if you haven't done so already!