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For the latest issue of the California Libertarian Perspective I had to say a few things about the nanny-state. Especially after LA came out with its ban on all new fast food joints in South Central LA and further proposed to ban all outdoor smoking. Of course, Madame California has her nanny moments as well.

BTW: The uninteneded consequences will require a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the LA City Concil and the Mayor.

Why? When you ban competiting businesses from an area the value of the existing businesses of a similar nature increases - ie: prices rise when the demand exceeds the supply - prices fall when the supply exceeds the demand. With restrictions in place the business value will rise and the value of the land allocated for new white table cloth family style restaurants and new locally grown organic grocers and so on.

Somebody somewhere got some humongous campaign contributions whether directly or indirectly from some very happy restaurant and property owners and construction firms. Ah yes - money the mothers milk of politics.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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The Land of the Free—Huh?

The Los Angeles City Council has issued a moratorium banning new fast food restaurants in South Central Los Angeles for a year. This ban covers a 32-square-mile area with 500,000 low-income racially-mixed minority group residents. According to the food fascists of the L.A. City Council, South Central L.A. has too many greasy fast food joints and not enough white-table-cloth healthy restaurants and locally grown organic grocers.

The L.A. City Council believes the adults of South Central L.A. can not make healthy food choices. Next, it will require all L.A. fast food places to show calories next to their menu items. Finally, the council is considering a ban on all outdoor smoking.

The L.A. City Council has appointed itself to the questionable position of societal nanny. However, Angelinos aren't the only people facing a nanny. All Californians face nanny-state laws imposing safety, health, and morality.

Don't drink then drive. So far, there are no laws against driving while hung over. Wear a condom—don't have unprotected sex. Don't have sex with a sex worker, protected or not. Even better, don't multitask by having unprotected sex while you're driving, drinking an alcoholic beverage, and smoking pot. And don't smoke pot unless you have a doctor's prescription. Don't do drugs, but it's okay to drink a glass of wine a day.

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Ron Getty,

Excellent letter!

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Don Fields