California New Year's Resolutions for 2007

Dear Starchild;

Thanks - the factual details were all too easy to get - the sad part is those details were just a small example of the real problems facing Californians. Debts - taxes - crammed prisons - healthcare - too many laws - too much emphasis on victimless crimes - bloated overpaid bureaucracy and so on.

The real crime is abolustely no one is willing to do what needs to be done to correct the problems - the solutions are too politically incorrect for politicians who want to get re-elected while taxing the shirts off the backs of Californians - this applies equally well as to residents and non-residents and legal and illegal immigrants. Everbody pays the piper one way or another - no matter what your citizenship status.

Enough of that - it's time to ring the death knell for all taxes in California. We need a Proposition 1776 to kill all taxes of all kinds throughout California - the sooner the better!

Whatsa mattah - you like paying taxes - goomba? Unh Hunh!

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian