California freedom-oriented blog[ger]s?

I'm trying to come up with a list of notable California blogs with
freedom-oriented authors/content. This is my list so far, ranked by the
geometric mean of links and blogs that point in as measured by Technorati.
Can you think of blogs I'm missing? I'm thinking of contributing to
California Freedom a blog roundup feature that would highlight California
blogs. (Although Yahoo groups are available via RSS, they're technically not
blogs, and at any rate are not integrated into the blogosphere.)

* 885/218 Deep Thoughts <> [wow!]
* 56/17 Fred's Humboldt Blog <>
* 34/24 Mark Johnson <> [more
freedom-oriented content, please :slight_smile: ]
* 25/16 Liberated Space <> [no RSS for
text posts!?]
* 42/6 Knowing <> Humans [link
count inflated by Technorati thinking it's 2 different blogs]
* 14/1 Orange <> County LP Blog
* Santa Clara County LP Blog <> [no RSS
:frowning: ]