California bans homeschooling?

Dear Steve and All others;

After seeing the story I wrote an LTE about the ruling pointing out some problems with government schools and sent it to the Chronicle. Don't hold your breath until they publish because it is a totally different take on the problem with government schools.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Dear Letters;

The home-schooling court ruling [“Homeschoolers suffer setback” Chronicle 3-7-08] slams home-schooling parents rightfully concerned about the abysmal quality of education their children receive in government schools.

Fears of school violence have parents praying their child’s school doesn’t become another Columbine. Middle and high schools have armed police officers patrolling corridors. Teachers are arrested and convicted for child molestation and being sexual predators.

Compulsory school attendance imposes one-size-fits-all lowest common denominator learning. Religious children are mocked and denigrated. Special-education children don’t receive professional help in learning how to learn.

Gifted children have their innate intelligence belittled. Minority children receive inadequate language, reading, and writing skills to function in an English-language society.

California’s schools operate under "education by politician" dictates. The top-down authoritarian, central-planning school system managed by "educrats" irreparably harms children’s education and graduates functional illiterates.

Return schooling back to parents and stop wasting $60 billion in school taxes.

Ron Getty
Chair-Initiatives Committee
Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Ron Getty,

Your letter to the editor about California's ban on homeschooling is excellent.


Don Fields

Nice work Ron - I hope it gets accepted.

- Steve