California ballot measure to fix Proposition 19 and stop the "death tax"

I had a good conversation yesterday with Gina Tse-Louie, who reached out to the LPSF about efforts to put a measure on the November 2024 ballot overturning Proposition 19, which California voters barely passed in 2020 with 51% of the vote. According to the measure’s Wikipedia page (2020 California Proposition 19 - Wikipedia) California’s Legislative Analyst called this a large net tax increase of hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

The campaign to reform this “death tax” measure that will otherwise prevent children from inheriting their parents’ homes at existing tax rates (long protected from excessive increases by 1978’s Proposition 13) had a successful local demonstration in the Sunset district today (see attached photo). I didn’t manage to attend, but as I told Gina, Libertarians oppose all involuntary taxation, and I hope we can play a role in helping get the 1.3 million statewide signatures needed to get the reform measure on the ballot.

You can get more info, and print out petitions to circulate, at

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