Calif. Dems Take Neutral Stance On Legalizing Pot -

The Executive Board of the California Democratic Party voted to take a neutral stance on Prop. 19. Hmmm... makes one wonder how out of touch the Executive Broad is with the broad base of Democrats who do take a toke or two.

That's interesting! It seemed to me the article did not say whether this is the Dem Party of California (having to deal with the conservative counties, as well as the liberal ones), or the local group. I thought the e-mail I received from the Tax Pot folks said the Dems had supported the proposition. Since this is not a S.F. proposal LPSF does not "have" to take a position. But, I feel sort of cowardly no doing so!


Marcy -

this is the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of California.... they did
not have a plebiscite on Prop.19. In essence similar to the Libertarian Party Ex
Comm having a stance on STATE propositions.

But we the lowly LPSF can have a local stance on Prop. 19 although the official
stance comes form the LP Ex Com.

Ron Getty