[cal-libs] Why Extreme Poison Activists Hurt the LP

Dear All;

Bruce Cohen of cal-libs@yahoogroups.com with commentary regarding Starchild and his posting about adapting elements of the Critical Resisistance10 conference.

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  I'm not sure whether you know Bruce; he is, well, an interesting character. Except perhaps Aaron Starr, I can't think of anyone else in the LP who I find to be as consistently wrong about how the party should go about advancing the cause of liberty. He also has some ideological issues, as may be apparent from his reference "terrorist supporters like Code Pink and America Haters," etc. These things sometimes manifest themselves as the animosity you see below. Many of his frothings don't really rise to the level where a rebuttal seems necessary.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

The main problem here, and it is an important and pervasive one, is
egocentrism. Most people associate mainly with people like themselves,
and assume on that basis that most people are like them. Growing up in
the South, I thought Goldwater would win in a landslide in 1964, because
I didn't know a single Johnson supporter. Pauline Kael famously made
the same mistake in 1972, because she didn't know any Nixon supporters.
I'm like Bruce in that I would run the other way from any event that
involved drumming; but I do recognize that there is a large and
important constituency for liberty who are drawn to the same things
Starchild is. For that reason, among others, I think we need a lot more
like him.

Amen....we need more like everyone...:>)