[cal-libs] Participate! USA Today 2nd Amendment survey

Dear All;

See the survey below and vote yes on the right to bear arms and pass on to everyone else you know who would vote the right way.

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The question isn't a good one....the Second Ammendment doesn't "give" us the right to bear arms. It affirms that we already have that right and government can't "infringe" upon it.


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You are right. The 2nd Amendment only protects the individual's right to bear arms from "infringement" by the federal government. After 140 years, it is still unknown whether or not the Supreme Court thinks the 14th Amendment applies that restriction to state governments as well.

Harland Harrison
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I don't see any actual poll at the link given, only a results page. The URL for that page suggests that it may be from November 2007: http://www.usatoday.com/news/quickquestion/2007/november/popup5895.htm Has anyone actually voted in this poll, or did everyone in the chain simply forward it?

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Whoops! I think I did vote, but looking back at the URL I see it must have
been the poll started in Nov 2007.


I voted and so did someone I sent it to.

I tried to vote, but my selection didn't register. The Vote button didn't seem to do anything on my computer.

Besides, I thought Heller v. DC answered this question conclusively. Makes sense if this poll is indeed two years old.

Lesson learned. Don't follow links forwarded by Bruce Cohen. Remember to check Snopes against any future Cohen posts.