CA Supreme Court - Malls now OK for Pamphleteers

The common law has a necessary and well established provision that any private property owner whose property must be traversed to access another property, must by common law provide an easement to allow transit to the landlocked property.

In that area of common law is the tradition in common law that facilities along roadways are public accomadtions and under common law subject to regulation by the King.

The public accomadation laws have a very long history and are enshrined in the Constitution along with the common law.

As such, imy limited understanding of this area is that public accomadation laws apply,as perhaps do traditions of free speach on public spaces. It seems to my limited expertise on this matter, that voiding common law public accomadations provisions would require an ammendment to the constitution.This was a major issue in the civil rights movement as it was very difficult for AfricanAmericans to travel under Jim Crow.