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  "What ELSE has he to say about us" is certainly a legitimate question, although I would encourage you not to call the racial group to which you happen to belong "us," since this is the same kind of group-based thinking that leads to racism.

  Looking over the article again, the biggest flaw that stands out to me, aside from the aforementioned fact that it contains statements which are made racist by their use of sweeping generalizations about African Americans, is the author's failure to acknowledge the reality of rampant police abuse against poor and disproportionately dark-skinned people living in urban ghetto areas, and the legitimacy of anger among those people at "the system," as misdirected as much of that anger was in the riots.

  I'd like to see Ron Paul say some things that leave no doubt he puts the primary blame for the condition of such communities where it belongs, on failed government programs and approaches, to counteract any appearance that he thinks people living in poverty are mostly to blame for their own circumstances, something that a person reading this article and not knowing much else about Ron Paul could easily conclude.

  I think he could do a lot to show that he cares about people who are poor and black, which I believe he does, just by changing some of the language he uses to talk about things he already supports. For instance, he has supported school choice -- he should talk about how this is a civil rights issue, how most black parents with children in failing government schools tend to support choice, and how the statist establishment holding them on these metaphorical "plantations" while taking their tax money and sending their own children to private schools amounts to racism. He opposes the growing police state -- he should talk about how this trend is reflected in the huge and growing number of people, a higher percentage of the population than in any other country and again disproportionately African American, who are incarcerated, often for things that should not be illegal at all, and kept in prison conditions where they are frequently the victims of violence at the hands of other inmates or guards. Et cetera.

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