[ca-liberty] RE: God Bless America

I'd be surprised if the NH charges against the reporter in question weren't dropped. Last I checked in July, Lepacek was threatening to initiate criminal charges against the police and other involved parties, but I've heard nothing since.

A quick search of the Alex Jones site shows no further comment or news (at least not accessible through a keyword search).

I'd argue that the chilling effect of this sort of physical censure isn't the long-term implication of criminal charges (which are likely easily thrown out), but rather the actual physical violence at the point of "arrest" as well as the cowing effect this has on people confronting "our" politicians with indelicate questions. If you know that there's a chance you're going to get manhandled, or shocked with a taser applied directly to the skin (which causes severe pain, as opposed to stunning the person, which is a separate mode), you might be intimidated enough to remain quiet and not ask questions.



Thanks, Brian. And yes, regarding intimidation. There was a similar
incident at a press conference on TWA 800. A journalist asked about the
side of the reconstructed plane that was never shown, and police jumped
over chairs to hustle him out of the room. Nobody else asked any
difficult questions.