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That's too bad you wasted your time with those experiences. They help to keep sycophants and slaves in the same conditions.

But I'm sure you read what I wrote and understand this is completely unrelated to your experiences. I'm not sure why you brought them up.

What is there that reminds you of being nice, in making sure a politician's every day is miserable, so long as Chelsea Manning is in prison?

What reminds you of skirting the truth, in delivering political pain to refractory politicians, doing bad things?

What reminds you of restraining justified anger, in increasing the level of political pain for a politician who is not on your side; costing him money, support, political capital, votes, etc?

Otherwise, I'm not interested in anything about the people trying to create sycophants and slaves. They deserve nothing but a slap-down. I certainly would not help them in any way, much less advertise for their despicable ways.


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In my experience, the people running these types of

"political training" seminars do *NOT* tend to share the justice-oriented concerns reflected in your message below. They are more likely to say things like, "Be polite and respectful when lobbying politicians. Dress to make a good impression. Stress points of agreement. Don't lecture them."

Just as career advice people have a strong tendency to say things like, &quot;Don&#39;t argue with the boss even when you know you&#39;re right\. Be sure to give two weeks notice before quitting a job, even if it&#39;s not required by your terms of employment\. Don&#39;t badmouth former employers or burn your bridges, because you might need a job recommendation from them\.&quot;

Of course politicians and employers \*LOVE\* these types of advice\!

Sometimes of course some of it \*IS\* good advice\. But not always\. As with other things, you have to ask yourself, &quot;What would be the result if everybody did this?&quot; \(e\.g\. if nobody

ever let politicians hear the justified anger with them at what they are doing, or if nobody ever warned others in their industry about an abusive boss).

I&#39;ve just learned to recognize the pro\-establishment prejudices and biases typical of folks in these types of professions \(political consultant, career advisor\), and observed that they can often be condescending in their attitudes toward those they&#39;re advising \-\- the implicit message being that you&#39;re a bad activist or a bad employee if you don&#39;t follow their &quot;go along to get along&quot; advice designed to mold you into a good little political or corporate ladder\-climber\.

As Krishnamurti said, it is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick system\.

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))

Does Chelsea Manning get to have a nice day?
Should the politicians keeping her there, get to have a nice day?
Or should their political days be miserable?

In the Manning situation, there is a contest of political will to achieve freedom, or a martyr's libertarian epitaph in bondage.

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It explains the political landscape and examines ways to deliver political pain to intractable politicians, costing them money, support, political capital, votes, etc.

Libertarian principles distill to a series of real political


They win or lose on a real political landscape, where real people's lives are hugely affected.

They are locked-up in prison or they are not. They get lethal injections or they don't. Their children are taken away or not. They pay more taxes or they don't. They are free to conduct their business or they are not.

This is not directly related to who is elected. It is directly related to what happens in the office and what policies proceed.

Politicians have a choice to do good things or bad things. Whether the the things they do are bad, depends on which side of the contest they take, our side or the other side, nothing else.

Politicians who do bad things should never have a nice day

That is the basic theme.

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 Have you taken this class, or know more about it? My experience with &quot;practical&quot; training sessions on stuff like &quot;how to be effective in politics&quot; have mostly not been favorable\.
They have often seemed more about what one might indeed call &quot;laddership&quot; \-\- climbing the political ladder by, for instance, telling people what they want to hear, seeking money and power via sales and marketing, focusing on narrow organizational or personal interests, etc\. \-\- than about libertarian leadership, leading people toward freedom, building the movement, etc\., by speaking truth to power and refusing to compromise on matters of libertarian principles and justice\.

But if you attend, I would be interested in hearing your impressions and feedback\.

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))

This is a critical training to make the shift from irrelevant complaining about out-of-control political circumstances, to becoming political relevant and taking control of the political landscape.

California Political Leadership School

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• Saturday, June 21, 2014

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
• Lomitas School House

2421 Lomitas Ave, Santa Rosa, CA (edit


• This is not a class on political philosophy or ideas\. This is practical, no nonsense and tested information on how to be effective in politics\. This intense one\-day training covers: Real Nature of Politics \- why just &quot;educating&quot; people alone won&#39;t result in change

The Biggest Lie in Politics - and how the political class uses your convictions against you
How to work effectively at the Capitol - getting a bill sponsor and a roll call vote despite the leadership
How to build a group - putting pressure on legislators
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