[C4L-SF] Re: [ba-liberty] California Political Ladership School


  In my experience, the people running these types of "political training" seminars do *NOT* tend to share the justice-oriented concerns reflected in your message below. They are more likely to say things like, "Be polite and respectful when lobbying politicians. Dress to make a good impression. Stress points of agreement. Don't lecture them."

  Just as career advice people have a strong tendency to say things like, "Don't argue with the boss even when you know you're right. Be sure to give two weeks notice before quitting a job, even if it's not required by your terms of employment. Don't badmouth former employers or burn your bridges, because you might need a job recommendation from them."

  Of course politicians and employers *LOVE* these types of advice!

  Sometimes of course some of it *IS* good advice. But not always. As with other things, you have to ask yourself, "What would be the result if everybody did this?" (e.g. if nobody ever let politicians hear the justified anger with them at what they are doing, or if nobody ever warned others in their industry about an abusive boss).

  I've just learned to recognize the pro-establishment prejudices and biases typical of folks in these types of professions (political consultant, career advisor), and observed that they can often be condescending in their attitudes toward those they're advising -- the implicit message being that you're a bad activist or a bad employee if you don't follow their "go along to get along" advice designed to mold you into a good little political or corporate ladder-climber.

  As Krishnamurti said, it is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick system.

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