C-SPAN2 to air "Innovative Solutions to Iraq"

Dear Lighthouse Reader,

I am pleased to announce that our very timely Independent Policy Forum, "Innovative Solutions for Iraq," held on February 16, will air on C-SPAN2 on Saturday, February 25th, and Monday, February 27th. This Policy Forum was held in conjunction with the Open House for our additional new offices in Washington, D.C.

Here are the exact airing times:

Saturday, February 25, 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT)
Monday, February 27, 6:20 a.m. ET (3:20 a.m. PT)

The program features presentations by a distinguished panel of national security and foreign policy experts:

LAWRENCE J. KORB, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, is former Vice President and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and former Assistant Secretary of Defense.

LT. GEN. WILLIAM E. ODOM (Ret.) is Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and Professor at Yale University. He is former Director of the National Security Agency and Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence for the U.S. Army.

IVAN ELAND is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at The Independent Institute. He is former Principal Defense Analyst at the Congressional Budget Office and Evaluator-in-Charge (national security and intelligence) at the General Accounting Office.

PETER BROOKES, Senior Fellow for National Security Affairs and Director of the Asian Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation, has been Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Affairs.

GARETH PORTER, Independent Analyst with the Inter Press Service, is a Foreign Policy in Focus scholar, and author of the book, Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam.

Here also is our Independent Policy Report, "The Way Out of Iraq: Decentralizing the Iraqi Government," by Ivan Eland:

We hope that you can tune in to watch this very important and far-reaching program on C-SPAN2.

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