C-SPAN Video Player - House Financial Services Cmte. Hearing on Regulatory Overhaul

Amid all the horrible haircuts and rumpled suits, some glimmer of intelligence and decency. Congressman other than Ron Paul actuall appear to have read Mises. Auditing the Fed may actually have wings.
  Here is the hearing on C span. The whole thing is worth it, but just the first few minutes with Chairman frank and ranking Paul is just plain exciting to anyone who understands that economic policy matters in millions of lives and deaths.

The Fed Counsel was sent right from central casting, playing the perfect Hollywood vaguely Homo villain..

http://www.c-span.org/Watch/Media/2009/09/25/HP/A/23601/House Financial Services Cmte Hearing on Regulatory Overhaul.aspx

Thanks Phil....that was great. Now we will see where it will go.

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