Bylaws committee meetings/membership

This message is being sent to request that the schedule for any meeting of the LPC Bylaws Committee be posted on this list, well in advance of when the meeting is to be held.

  Preferably, the committee will do its work on the Friday immediately preceding the convention as it traditionally has done along with the platform committee, since that is when most people seem able to attend. I recall the Bylaws committee chair noting last year that attendance at the bylaw committee meetings he scheduled before the convention was very poor, despite what he described as adequate attempts to publicize them.

  It would also be nice to see better communication with the counties regarding the formation of the Bylaws committee, especially since the counties often face serious repercussions from some of the proposals which come out of this committee. Although admittedly I have only been subscribed to this list a short time (despite previous requests to get on the current LPC email lists) and thus could have missed an announcement, I do not recall seeing any advance notice this year inviting interested people to serve on the bylaws committee.

  I believe it is imperative that there be adequate county representation on this committee if the LPC is to function in a fair and democratic manner. Who are the current committee members, and do any of them take the perspective of standing up for the interests of our activists in the county chapters?

Yours in liberty,
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