Bush's Dead Friends, Part 2

The list continues to grow since I last posted on this topic about a year ago. The story of former Alaska senator Ted Stevens' death in a plane crash immediately raised some more red flags.

Stevens was neck-deep in a 2007 corruption scandal--- which got very little media attention---involving a government/oil cartel contractor known as VECO. VECO was a heavy donor (both over and under the table to the GOP); and held many contracts on oil-based adventures in Eastern Europe and the Middle East; as well as the Arctic Region.

  The crash that killed Stevens was just as mysterious. It was an aircraft designed for the harsh Alaska climate; it was equipped with a radar system against dangerous terrain and an emergency signal beacon. Yet, according to government sources, all of the systems malfunctioned and it was several hours before the wreckage could be located.

  Whatever may be made of this case, it cannot be overlooked that people tied to scandals with the previous administration DO seem to have a disporportionately high rate of suicides, accidents, &c. Almost always, there are never any witnesses, and no explanations for what happened. But worse, there are never any investigations either.


  Interesting. I don't recall offhand reading your previous post on the topic, and would be interested in seeing the list. I haven't heard much if any talk about this, but there was abundant similar speculation surrounding the Clintons -- many of the suspicions appearing unfortunately well-founded, imho. Also interesting is that I recall plane crashes were a factor in many of those deaths.

  Of course this must be balanced among the fact that top government officials tend to do a lot more air travel than most people, hence would be statistically more likely to die in such accidents. Ted Stevens seems an unlikely choice for a mafia-type hit on the face of it -- an aging Senator who's long been part of the establishment seems unlikely to have raised alarms as a potential whistle-blower -- but I know very little about him or his circumstances.

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It's still remarkable how many politicians with known enemies are
willing to get on small planes (though I guess Air Force Two doesn't
count as small).

On a related note, Illinois governor Blagojovich was aquitted on all but one minor charge today. And guess what? The Kommisars in the Justice Department didn't get the verdict they wanted, so they've announced a 'retrial'. But as we've all seen over the last two decades, the 8th Amendment doesn't apply when the government is defeated---oh, well.


  This phenomenon started around the time of the 2008 election and has been continuing ever since. Also, Stevens and one of the ex-NASA chieftains who was on board the plane with him apparently were nosing around investigating some BP-related corruption within the Minerals Management Bureau. Bush created that bureaucracy by fiat to rubber-stamp whatever the oil cartels wanted. The whole Gulf Oil Disaster was another 'incident' that's never been fully explained.
  But going back to Junior's casuality list: Remember the so-called 'DC Madam' who hanged herself and all the files she was going to release mysteriously disappeared? This after she won an appeal! And also, Dr. Bruce Ivans. After trying for years to pin the 2001 Anthrax attacks on an innocent man, the FBI announced Dr. Ivans 'committed suicide' (also by hanging, this seems to be the common mode); the same day he was notified (!) that a warrant had been issued for his arrest.
  Also suicide by hanging included Rob Kellerman, CFO of Freddie Mac; Ibn Shiek al-Libyh, the terror suspect tortured into admitting Iraqi WMDs; about a dozen Guantanamo detainees who were slated to be tried in the US and testify here (quite a suicide rate for a supposedly- super-maximum security prison)!
  There have also been a number of ex-Bush officials of whom a few mysterious circumstances could be added. All and all, his track record here is pretty close to Clinton's.