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Dear Goddess.

Just last night my ex-girlfriend said that she is seriously considering
leaving the country.. She follows abortion poltics, and on that front
Planned Parenthood is already creating contingency plans for if and when Roe
is overturned. She just doesn;t want to live here once the young start
growing up under patriarchal morality with teeth again. That and the draft
being reimposed... well, I shudder to think that she may be right. I just
hope there's somewhere else to go.

But all that added to a general financial disaster... I am just terrifed if
this article is right. The state economic controls that would result scare
me, but what absolutely terrifies me is the massive surge of resentiment
against anyone who is seen as "hedonistic" and "irresponsible" in a time of
scarcity and national solidarity. Combine that with war obligations that
are politically impossible to cut and the socail climate of a pro-life and
drafted society...

I see tanks rolling into San Francisco.

But this can't be true, *can it*?

cheerful thoughts,
for someone ashamed to say she would survive


You certainly have much to be concerned about.

The situation worldwide is not any better. In fact, it is probably worse,
since the disparity between rich and poor is MUCH more pronounced in other
countries. Ethnic conflicts and environmental degradation all around the world
are simply signs of this impending worldwide disaster.

Unrelenting population pressure, increased longevity, soaring medical costs,
lack of jobs, dwindling resources etc. argue for an era in which much more
authoritarian regimes will rule in more and more countries around the world,
because the overhead costs of a liberal society can only be borne by a rich
nation, and the global economy is flattening all incomes towards the middle.

In the absence of a major technological revolution (eg energy -- fusion,
solar etc, or biomedical etc), which dramatically changes the cost or
availaibility of a major economic factor and provides huge productivity gains, we are
all probably in for a tough time.

The USA does not have a monopoly on technology or capital or trained labor
any longer, and so the disproportionate share of world income flowing to US
citizens will slowly disappear. Exporting democracy to 3rd world countries is a
pipe dream. There may be more economic freedoms in previously socialist
countries, but not as much political freedom as we now enjoy here.

Of course, I would be delighted to be wrong about all this.

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