Brief appearance on KALW (local NPR radio affiliate) this evening

I was a caller on the “State of the Bay” show on KALW this evening, as I couldn’t resist doing when I heard them mention the (very apropos!) topic of San Francisco government and whether it’s causing the city’s problems (spoiler alert: They never really tackled this fundamental question!). But you can hear my comments, and the somewhat entertaining responses or lack thereof, starting around 16:45:

Below is some follow-up correspondence I sent by email after appearing on the air. So far no reply…

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Subject: Re: City workers aren’t only in government!
Date: November 6, 2023 at 7:00:09 PM PST
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Please reply and let me know, Grace. And thanks for hosting, and for taking my call to provide some balance!

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Several points:

  1. Everyone working in San Francisco is a city worker, not only people who work for the government!

  2. When I called in, I did not “take a swipe” at city workers, as one of the guests alleged! What I took a swipe at is the practice of thousands of SF city government employees getting paid 6-figure salaries taken in part from tax money paid by city workers in the voluntary sector who are homeless, poor, unemployed, under-employed, etc.!

  3. None of your guests defended that practice, or addressed my comments about how this has all taken place under one-party rule by Democrats presiding over decades of growth in the size, cost, and intrusiveness of local government in our lives

  4. Are any of your guests non-Democrats (or if they are “decline to state” voters, are they independents whotend to vote for non-Democrats, or who tend to vote for Democrats)?

I would love to be a panelist representing non-Democrat perspectives on a future show.

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