#BreakingNews: It’s Official! #USgovt v It’s Peasantry: Jewel v NSA @EFF

My attorney ( & Gangier ) Buddy at the Berkeley Quaker Pantry hipped Me to an issue that should be of some concern to @SanFranciscoLP Leadership, Sam Mendes et al, with a case he has been milking … err … working on for more than a decade with #USgovt lawyers ( fleecing tax dollars ad nauseam ): For the Literate, Please read the short brief from The Supremes ( see: @USSupremeCourt @SCOTUSblog ) who finally established for THE RECORD that #USTaxpayers #USVoters #USCitizens aka #ThePeasantry aka #TheSlaves funding the #USgovt, have no right or standing & are not allowed to even inquire how the #USgovt Security State ( Pentagon, CIA, FBI, et al ) is using Our Earnings & Savings AGAINST US to Collect & Store & Scrutinize Our Private data ( cellular, telephone, interweb emails & searches/contacts, US socialized Mail, commercial & online purchases with plastic cards & apps, etc — or even How long the #USgovt will store this data & at ¡¡¿WHAT COST?!! to US ( #USTaxpayers #USVoters #USCitizens ).