Breaking News: Ron Paul 4th Quarter donations surpassed $10 million today!!! Celebrate!

Breaking News: Ron Paul donations for the 4th Quarter (since October 1) have just now surpassed


Ron Paul has the largest number of donors by far of any of the GOP candidates.

No other GOP candidate has anywhere near this kind of broad supporter base than does Ron Paul.

The $10 million dollars raised over the past 60 days has come from a huge base of 110,809 American donors.

The average donation per donor this quarter is only $90.25. These are small donors, everyday citizens.

The vast majority of our donors are everyday citizens, not special interests or corporate CEO's, who are freely donating their money for the purpose of taking back this country, with no desire for any special political favors, sweetheart contracts, or government kickbacks.

Another piece of good news: we are expecting another huge fundraising day on December 16 where we expect to raise anywhere from another $4 million to possibly up to $10 million or more on a single day. We are breaking historical fundraising records, and are going to continue to break more!

Please if you can afford it, donate today some money to Ron Paul's website.