Bradley Manning Defense Resolution

War-mongers, witch-hunters, and their sycophants, read this and hide in shame.
From the Veterans for Peace Conference 2012:




Methinks that the official dress uniform photo is the best choice because otherwise nobody will recognize what it is.

In general, it is not the Privates who are at fault for all the war crimes. They are just trying to survive and help keep their buddies alive.

It is the politicians and the idiots who vote for them in civilian clothes who are the ultimate cause.

Phil, I think that, if we’re inviting people to get their picture taken with Brad, they’re much more likely to want to cozy up to the cute guy in the T-shirt than in the formal military uniform. And I don’t think he’s any less recognizable that way than in his uniform. We could invite those who wanted to get their picture taken to “Show us how you feel about Brad”; those who wanted to deface or destroy the cutout we could encourage to return at the end of the day.

I totally agree, of course, that it’s not primarily the privates who are at fault.

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