Booth at Pride Festival - Once More, With Feeling

Dear All,

True to LPSF tradition, those of us who like the idea of interacting with Left of Left folks, volunteered at the Outright Libertarian booth.

Thank you so much to Rob for organizing the outreach, bringing a tent, a display table, and supplies in a little cart, on the MUNI!

Jawj Greenwald, Jeff Yunes, Starchild, and Phil Berg also put in some time. As well as Paul Lazaga, who is the Libertarian candidate for California's 14th Congressional District (running against Anna Eschoo).

Those of us who want to volunteer at the Pride and other booths, get to experience the real world. We talk to lots and lots of folks, who score on the Libertarian quadrant of the World Smallest Political Quiz, but will not vote Libertarian, for reasons we know because we heard their heartfelt arguments. So, we work with what we have.