Bob Barr to join debate with Obama and McCain

Dear Dr. Michael,

        Through the miracle of modern technology, voters will finally have a
chance to compare Bob Barr with Barack Obama and John McCain.

        Starting this evening at 9:00 PM EDT, live and concurrent with the
broadcast of the closed debate between the Republican and Democratic
nominees, you will be able to see where Bob differs with his opponents.
Using digital video recording technology, Bob's responses to the moderator's
questions will be spliced in in real time for viewing at the campaign's
website at Bob will be broadcasting from
Newport News, Virginia on the campus of Christopher Newport University
before a live audience.

        I encourage you to watch and I ask a favor of you. Would you please
forward this message to your friends who may be interested? This is their
chance to learn that there's not a dime's worth of difference between McCain
and Obama - and that Bob Barr offers hope for real change in Washington.

        Thanks so much for your loyalty and support.


        Russell Verney
        Campaign Manager
        Bob Barr for President

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        Call 1-800-Bob-Barr
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