Blue State/county secession an opportunity for libertarians

For libertarians, the two most amazing things to come out of the 2004 election are 1) Badnarik and the Greens accomplising a re-count in Ohio which proves just how dangerous third parties are and 2) DEMOCRATS calling for secession and saying the opposition "red states" are NET welfare recipients sucking the blood of the NET taxpayers the "blue states." See

Before the election, I frequently predicted that no matter who won, the other side would be talking secession, and low and behold they are. And not just for states, but for "blue" cities and counties, since overall the real differences are NOT state wide but urban/suburban vs. suburban/rural. This illustrates what has been promoting for years -- COMMUNITY-BASED secession. Voluntary communities, of course, composed of individuals who freely create or join them. How libertarian can you get? There are a growing number of yahoogroups working on this issue. Search yahoogroups home for the lastest list. is Free State Project founder Jason Soren's group.

Right now, as usual, I'm too busy to really organize around secession since I'm active locally and on the web opposing Bush's NEXT war -- see And almost done updating significantly

But at least I made up a few new relevant Buttons- just in time for holiday gifts!

** Jesusland Map
** Blue Counties Should Secede! Red Counties Should Secede!
** Red Counties Vote War - Blue Counties Get Nuked
** Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Demo-Publican
** A New Red-Eyed Asses of Evil with Rumsfeld replacing Ashcroft
** New and updated IMPEACH BUSH buttons
** 2 Inauguration Day protest buttons: Protest This! and Down with Bush!
** Four More Years of Hell!
** Bush and Statue of Liberty both have one figure salute buttons - plus more new Bush buttons
** Anti-THEIR Morality Buttons
** Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Buttons -- and especially fridge magnets -- make fun stocking stuffers and gifts for friends. But hurry cause I can't guarantee US Snail will get it there on time if mailed much after December 17th (or sooner!) Order at least 3 and I'll throw in a surprise holiday present or two from me to you!

BADNARIK BUTTONS? You've only got to December 17th to get the full range.

Carol Moore in dc

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