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Anarchy and the Law by Ed Stringham (ed.).

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction-Edward P. Stringham
Section I: Theory of Private Property Anarchism

  2. Police, Law, and the Courts-Murray Rothbard
  3. The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism (excerpt)-David
  4. Market for Liberty (excerpt)-Morris and Linda Tannehill
  5. Pursuing Justice in a Free Society: Crime Prevention and the Legal
Order-Randy Barnett
  6. Capitalist Production and the Problem of Public Goods-Hans Hoppe
  7. National Defense and the Public-Goods Problem-Jeffrey Rogers Hummel and
Don Lavoie
  8. Defending a Free Nation-Roderick Long
  9. The Myth of the Rule of Law-John Hasnas
Section II: Debate

  10. The State-Robert Nozick
  11. The Invisible Hand Strikes Back-Roy A. Childs
  12. Robert Nozick and the Immaculate Conception of the State-Murray
  13. Objectivism and the State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand-Roy Childs
  14. Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy?-Alfred G. Cuzan
  15. Law as a Public Good: The Economics of Anarchy-Tyler Cowen
  16. Law as a Private Good: A Response to Tyler Cowen on the Economics of
Anarchy-David Friedman
  17. Rejoinder to David Friedman on the Economics of Anarchy-Tyler Cowen
  18. Networks, Law and the Paradox of Cooperation-Bryan Caplan and Edward
  19. Conflict, Cooperation and Competition in Anarchy-Tyler Cowen and
Daniel Sutter
  20. Conventions: Some Thoughts on the Economics of Ordered Anarchy-Anthony
De Jasay
  21. Can Anarchy Save Us from Leviathan?-Andrew Rutten
  22. Government: Unnecessary but Inevitable-Randall Holcombe
  23. Is Government Inevitable? Comment on Holcombe's Analysis-Peter Leeson
and Edward Stringham
Section III: History of Anarchist Thought

  24. Gustave de Molinari and the Anti-statist Liberal Tradition
(excepts)-David Hart
  25. Vindication of Natural Society(excerpt)-Edmund Burke
  26. The Production of Security-Gustave de Molinari
  27. Individualist Anarchism in the United States: The Origins-Murray
  28. Anarchism and American Traditions-Voltairine de Cleyre
  29. On Civil Government-David Lipscomb
  30. No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority (excerpt)-Lysander
  31. Trial by Jury-Lysander Spooner
  32. Relation of the State to the Individual-Benjamin Tucker
  33. Political and Economic Overview-David Osterfeld
Section IV: Historical Case Studies of Non-Government Law Enforcement

  34. Are Public Goods Really Common Pools? Considerations of the Evolution
of Policing and Highways in England-Bruce Benson
  35. Property Rights in Celtic Irish Law-Joseph Peden
  36. Private Creation and Enforcement of Law: A Historical Case-David
  37. The Role of Institutions in the Revival of Trade: The Law Merchant,
Private Judges, and the Champagne Fairs-Paul Milgrom, Douglass North, and
Barry Weingast
  38. Legal Evolution in Primitive Societies-Bruce Benson
  39. American Experiment in Anarcho-Capitalism: The Not So Wild, Wild
West-Terry Anderson and P. J. Hill
  40. Order Without Law (excerpt)-Robert Ellickson

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