Bill Maher

The following message comes from a friend of mine who claims Bill
Maher is a libertarian and suggests we interview him on his politics.
Perhaps someone would like to follow up, however it's not a high
priority for me.

Best, Michael

I caught Bill last night on Larry King and he was equally tough on


republicans and democrats. He agreed that there wasn't much of a

choice but

said that it was like the choice between two meals: sand and spit

from the

right and macaroni and cheese from the left. And he did seem to

think that

gov't itself and the way it was run was the main problem. When asked


issue did he think should be in the debates which wouldn't be, he

said: the

war on drugs.

If you or one of your buddies would like to interview him, it could


be arranged since he'll be in town this week. You'd have to track

down his