[BigL_libs] Appointment of a Treasurer

I regret to hear of James Oaksun's resignation, but heartily second the plea from Michael and Carolyn NOT to appoint Aaron Starr as Treasurer. They are correct in stating that this would be a sharp repudiation of the sentiments reflected by the votes of the delegates in St. Louis, who it seems likely from James Oaksun's relatively unknown status in the party, were not casting their votes *for* him so much as *against* the former treasurer.

  Any LNC members who move or vote to replace a radical with the man who he resoundingly defeated for office and who is one of the main movers in the anti-radical faction and a very divisive and controversial figure among party activists will also be sending a clear signal that they, personally, have no interest in seeking consensus or unity in the LP, but rather intend to ride roughshod over their opposition whenever an opportunity arises, minus any sense of obligation toward equity or "fair play".

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))