'Bias' at national?

The LPSF discussion group has always treated me kindly and fairly.
This despite the fact that I am neither a resident of San Francisco,
or their fine organization. In fact, some at the LPSF might consider
me part of the Status Quo, and the 'enemy'. But, I have come to
enjoy the discussion and have had my commentary welcomed, even
though often disagreed with.

I have come to know that the folks participating in the LPSF-discuss
web group are sincere individuals with freedom in mind and success
at heart. One heartening thing about the disagreements there is that,
like with the San Diego Libs, they all realize they're all on the same
team, and one way or another, agree to work together.

Likewise are the folks at national. They are sincere, hardworking
people, working for the same thing, freedom. They work for a wage
far less than what they could receive on the open market, for their
common love of freedom. They, in their efforts, are as balanced
as they can possibly be, leaving their own favorite platform issues by
the wayside, in favor of addressing as many issues as possible, and those
that are deemed the most topical and the most effective.

Certainly, we must all agree that no matter what the choice, there
will be Libertarians that disagree with how much time or space is
given to any issue, or group of issues. Let me assure you that there
are at least as many Libertarians, sincere and caring as those in the
LPSF, that decry the imbalance of the LP towards 'social issues'
and away from economic ones.

To paraphrase a line from George W. Bush, 'people on both sides of
this issue think National is wrong, so they must be striking a good

In fact, the LPSF might very well be correct in that the LP might be
better served by covering social issues more. Certainly our outreach
in the past has been more successful with intellectuals, men and the
Internet crowd. Certainly, it has been less successful with the average
American, women and blue collar workers. Businesspeople and professionals
love us, middle management and employees might not.

That could lead us to divergent conclusions. We're not successful with
the one group, so let's go after them. OR... Let's focus on where we're
Certainly the case can be made either way. Denture products will never be
advertised on the Cartoon Channel. On the other hand, the NFL has been
marketing heavily to women, even holding football practices for them and
'football appreciation classes'.

Different people, all caring, honest and responsible, can come to different

That being said, the animosity at the LPSF towards the National and State
LPs is both unfounded and counterproductive.

I know, that as an advocate for each and every LP member in California,
my ear, mind, phone and e-mail account are always open to all of them.
I certainly want to work with every activist and officer to ensure their
views are taken into account when decisions are made. I hate to think
that we might miss a good idea, or leave a voice unheard. I am quite
convinced that everyone that works at National feels the same way.

Sometimes, when you don't get the results you want, you might
feel otherwise. But, National is pulled in more directions than State is
and I know for a fact that the California Chair and Vice Chairs pull their
hair out trying to give everyone a forum and give them all what they
want and need. These guys have a tough job that I know I could not
even hope to pull off as well as they.

Let's give them at least a little credit for keeping the doors open.
Let's also give them a heck of a lot of credit for giving up a lot
of financial and personal rewards for the privilege of hearing us

They want the same thing as we do.
They want, like I do and like you, to get Libertarians elected.
They want, as we do, to spread the word.

And, they really have done a bang up job.
With little job security, often working without pay, until the money
finally comes in, they plug away for us.

So, let's try a different approach.
If you want to see something happen at the LPCa, call or write me.
Me, or whoever else on the 15 member board you prefer.
Tell us what you're thinking and ask us for our assistance
to achieve the aim you desire. And, the same goes for National.

You go attacking these guys for being unfair and/or biased and
the first reaction you are going to get is confusion. They really
don't get it when you accuse them of that, because they don't
believe it. Not for a minute. The second thing they will do
is go on the defensive and who could blame them?

Let's instead share our vision with them.
Let's make our case, nicely and professionally, for what we would
like to see happen, and ask them what it will take to implement it.

I'm sure you respond better when approached that way and so will they.

Bruce Cohen wrote:

That being said, the animosity at the LPSF towards the National and State
LPs is both unfounded and counterproductive.

Bruce, All,

I am somewhat embarrassed at my reaction level. Hell, I am no people person just yet, I'm still learning. I should not have jumped to talk of final actions before fully discussing the situation with National. I think others here in LPSF have been more on track about how to react.

The "sell out" paragraph did shock me, though, a lot more than the potentially imbalanced issue representation.

I apologize for the part of the uproar I brought on. It is not yet time for uproar. It is time for cooperation, for action, for remedy.