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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I don't understand it.

It would help if you would not answer my questions with further questions, but with declarative statements. Thanks.

BTW, I agree with those who have requested you be less disdainful in your tone. Keep in mind we're all on the same side fighting the vicious, evil state, each in our own way which we earnestly think best. Since we're all born and raised to be imperfect, we err at times but have the human right to be wrong.

Hate the state, not your fellow freedom-fighters.

Aside from Ron Getty, we are a civilized bunch (joke)!

Best, Michael

questions, but with declarative statements. Thanks.

Okay, you ask why scientists have "ruled out" other possible
explanations besides CO2. That's like a creationist trying to attack
evolutionary theory as if it will support his theistic beliefs - even
though they have no rival theory to offer (no gods are observed).

So the point is, if temperature correlates hugely with CO2, and this
matches what we'd expect, since we know that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.
Why are you asking about ruling out other explanations? WHAT other
explanations? What other explanations are you aware of that match
global temperature patterns? Your question is like asking a doctor
why he's ruled out other theories besides germ theory as to why
certain diseases are spread from person to person. WHAT other
theories? If you don't have any to offer, you don't have a question.
Try to poke all the holes you want in "CO2 theory", it's still the
best (ONLY!) explanation we have for the warming trends - not to
mention it's massively supported by hundreds of thousands of years of
climate data.

It is simply shocking to me that such a huge consensus exists on this
issue, from people who spend YEARS studying climate, chemistry,
physics, etc. - and have knowledge that would put yours or mine to
shame - and that people who know virtually nothing about the issue
think they've raised some kind of brilliant counter-arguments to it
that "all them scientists ain't thought of".

Back to reality.

Anyway, I still don't know why you confuse "frank" with "disdainful".
I don't hate my fellow freedom fighters.

To trail of, let me say this. If anything is at question about global
warming, it is the severity/urgency of it. Is it going to flood
Florida in 5 years? 10 years? Maybe some predictions are more dire
than they should be, but the problem is real, it is urgent, it is a
global emergency, and CO2 is causing it...and humans are causing (most
if not all) of the rise in CO2.

Global warming is arguably the second most important issue in the
world, next to getting Range Voting.