[bayareafaeries] Please help save a lovely, ivy-covered, old-growth urban tree

Here are some photos I took this evening of the threatened tree, along with a photo of the removal notice affixed to it, and a photo of another related notice affixed to a nearby light pole. One of the notices lists two check-marked boxes citing the reasons for cutting down the tree as "History of large limb failure" and "Significant amount of sidewalk damage".

  According to the other notice, the tree is a "ceratonia siliqua" (aka carob tree), which according to Wikipedia has "sturdy branches" and "deep root systems (which) can adapt to a wide variety of soil conditions and are fairly salt-tolerant" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceratonia_siliqua ). [Interesting trivia -- the edible carob seeds produced by this tree, which is native to the Mediterranean region, are the origins of the word "carat" as in "24 carat gold", because in ancient times the seeds were used as a measurement to weigh precious metals and gemstones.]

  In any case, this individual is a large, beautiful tree which it would be a real shame to kill just because the DPW doesn't want the trouble of maintaining the sidewalks around it, or claims a limb could fall off at some point (I didn't see any evidence of this having happened, though admittedly I didn't look hard and could have missed it.)

  The number listed on the notice for the Bureau of Urban Forestry is (415) 641-2676. I hope you will call and tell them to save this lovely tree! You might also call District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener at (415) 554-6968 (or email him at Scott.Wiener@... ).

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Okay, it turns out that it's impossible under city government rules to file an appeal to save this tree without paying $300 -- unless you are on welfare or SSI, in which case their rip-off fee is waived.

  Is there anyone on this list on welfare or SSI who would be willing to come with me to an appointment to file this appeal to save this beautiful old-growth tree? I made an appointment for 430pm tomorrow (their office is at 1650 Mission Street at South Van Ness), but if that time doesn't work for you I can reschedule it. Needs to be in the next couple days though -- the 15-day clock from the DPW decision to kill the tree is ticking and I believe the deadline to file is this Thursday or Friday.

  This would not cost you anything besides a little bit of your time to come into the Appeals Board office and file the paperwork with me. Please let me know if you will help.

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(photo of the threatened tree)

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What is the exact address?

I think I may know this tree.

Sam Sloan