Barr supports Feingold

Dr. Block,

Yes, this is NOT good.

McCain/Feingold has been the bane of our, the LP's, existence since it was

To me, that "sin" surpasses anything else that Senator Feingold may have
done to support civil liberties or the constitution.

Just complying with BCRA (Bi-partisan Campaign Reform Act) costs us $13K per
year, plus staff time.

And then there's the missed opportunities that "campaign reform" imposes on
the LP. We have some well to do supporters that would like to give us more
than $30,400 per year, but it's against the law. Thank you Russ Feingold
and John McCain <NOT!!!!>

What was Bob Barr thinking???

Geez.....................Mark Hinkle, LNC Chair

Bob Barr is a Republican, always has been and always will be, what else do you need to know?

Q:'What was Barr thinking?'

  I've never understood what so many libertarians actually think they stand to gain with Republicans in power. The same gangsters who allowed 9/11; waged wars on behalf of economic imperialism; committed atrocities against American and foreign civil liberties; gave us the Drug War, the Patriot Act, the police state generally; handed government contracts out to special interests; and, in 2010, are represented by a cabal of extremists who consider the Bush/Cheney regime as 'moderates'.

Hi Eric,

And if Democrats stay in power, then what? We go over the economic cliff, that's what. How about you and others volunteer to distribute LP door hangers, as some of us have been doing over the last few weekends, which make a good case for our going to heck in a hand basket whether Dems or Reps continue in power.

Ah, yes, Barr as a Lib we all know is a joke.


Republicans/Democrats, same product different label. Don't waste your vote. Vote third party every time, makes 'em nervous.

Aloha, B.

Hi Marcy:

  I totally agree with your sentiments about Barr---him endoresing any candidate will have about as much an effect on the national elections as those 1990s 'Bake Sales' had on reducing the deficit.


   Normally, I'd agree with both of you on this point; but the last two or three elections, I think there's been a radical difference between Democrats and Republicans. If the Democrats stay in power we can beat them in the 'arena of ideas'. If the Republicans come back to power, the arena of ideas could very well cease to exist.

Duh, yes. Voted the straight Libertarian ticket today!!!


Hi Eric,

Huumm. I have to think about this. Can libertarians beat Democrats in the arena of ideas? After several years helping to staff the Pride Parade (80% Democrat,maybe)Outright Libertarian booth I probably would say "No." These guys have been brainwashed since birth. Can Republicans think, i.e. deal with ideas -- I guess they can, since now we have three distinct Republican factions.



   Imagine a situation where Pride Parades are illegal, and you have a good idea of how hard staffing them will be under the Republicans. There really are no factions under the new GOP, either. Remember how Ron Paul's candidacy was suppressed? It's not going to take long for the 'Conintern' to move against his son somehow.

   As an example, last night, ultra-progressive congressman Alan Grayson was defeated for re-election in Florida. His opponent is an ex-Baptist minister who wants to turn public education over to fundamentalist evangelical groups (the GOP's definition of privatization!). Whom do you think it would be easier to convince about the merits of supporting a Pride Parade? Grayson or the Bozo who just took his place?

Hi Eric,

In answer to your question, neither. Democrats are beyond reach; and the faction (yes, there are three factions) you mention needs watching. Maybe waive a lot of "Don't Tread on Me" flags at them!