Barr Interviewed by Fundie Nutcase

I guess if you want to make Barr look like a social liberal, just have the most right wing lunatic on earth badger him endlessly. Some pretty good soundbytes out of the interview though, especially Barr specifically saying that he didn't consider homosexuality "lewd" or "depraved" and that he doesn't find anything morally wrong about homosexuality, per se.


Did anyone see Barr on the Colbert Report last night? Colbert unnerved
him a bit in the beginning by calling out that he was a drug warrior,
voted for the Patriot Act and was a sponsor of the Defense of Marriage
act. Then Colbert asked something like "What is happening to the
Libertarians?" But Barr got into his rhythm and talked about how he
change his views on our drug policy, marriage and said that it was
pretty clear that all the administration assurances given regarding the
Patriot Act were BS and that he's worked hard to undo it ever since. And
he said the War wasn't going so well either and need to be reconsidered.

All and all a good interview and I'm pleased to see how much coverage he
is getting already.