[BAP2] The Arab-American network behind Obama

Since we know there are networks that drive government policy, it is insane to give more power to government to protect us from the networks.

But that is what we are doing as a nation, as a state, as a county, and as a city. We are becoming prey to our own devices.

The mechanics of these devices are complex. They require study and practice to understand and operate.

If you search through my posts you can see that this understanding is the central theme. The intendended result is the development of our network that can do more than share bad news, complain, point fingers, and campaign for various figures who will conduct the forces that rule our lives.

Anyone thinking majority rules is dreaming. The law rules and action makes the laws. It doesn't matter who you have elected to violate you when a lack of understand has produced the conditions by which you are violated. The most malignant condition of all is all powerful, entitled, well networked police.

Hi John,

Seeking understanding is great. However, I would really, really prefer to see a little more action and a little less seeking on the part of libertarians! Mind you, I am not saying you or anyone in particular needs to do more action. I am speaking of libertarians in general.

BTW, if anyone is ready for some action, Aubrey is organizing some canvassing this weekend. I have not heard details yet, but am sure they will be forthcoming.


I'm not sure how this got to this list. It was meant for a conversation with a non-libertarian (yet) audience.
Oh well, yer right anyway!

Ah, that makes sense now. Non-libertarians still need enlightening! Thanks for helping to do that.