[BAP2] RE: [Freed-M] Re: [lpsf-discuss] Why We Should Abolish the Presidency

These election machinations are proposed to relieve the tyranny from "your" abdication of your responsibility to "yourselves"
This is not what the Declaration of Indepedence proposed.
The Declaration proposed that "you" would run your own lives and that government would serve "you", in that ambition.
And it proposed that "you" would discipline that government, replacing it if necessary.
But today, "you" are pathetic and servile, hoping for better treatment from "your" masters, by "your" choice of who "your" master will be.
In this state of mind, "your" ambitions are hopeless. "You" will be treated like the servants "you" are, by the masters "you" choose.

      Exactly. Anyone who actively campaigns for a position of political power should be automatically disqualified. I mean that quite literally.
In my perfect system campaigning for office would be forbidden, thus also doing away with campaign contributions, all elections would be local, and every non-criminal adult citizen in the precinct would be either literally be on the ballot or eligible to be written in.