[BAP2] CALIF: Debtors Prison - its happening

You are 100% on track. Without this dimension of the movement, there is no movement, just cold air.

And this follows on our ability to make it happen. At this point we can't even make hot-air. The networking we have discussed at length, is the sustainable remedy to this deficiency.

But a gross injustice, like this one, can serve as a catalyst for the networking. We must become relevant. The "we" must be more powerful than any 100 of us individually. Even individual "heavy hitters" must be careful of their image and relevance, moving only with adequate support. The Western Association is a solution to this problem.

Meanwhile, as a society, we have been taught that the "regime" is our only ally. Other alliances are discouraged as "conspiracies" "cabals" "secret societies" "cults" etc. We have been conditioned at a "gut level" to avoid any alliances except those approved by the "regime".

As you know, I have been pitching the importance of this aspect all along. Hopefully, some people on this list will step-up. Even a distant version of the "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" that allied the Founders would be a huge leap forward.

Meanwhile, shame on us for every day this innocent person rots in prison. But I have become unwilling to "hang" myself out to dry, alone.

In spite of that, I guess I'll call Judicial Watch myself. I hoped Dianne would pick up the ball. I have spoken with the director before and maybe she can help with Southern California resources and maybe get us pointed in the right direction in Holywood.

Will we allow this innocent man to die in prison? If we will, we are unfit heirs to prosperity, duplicitous witnesses for liberty, cowardly stewards of our nation, and pathetic excuses for human beings.

Three years ago, I had also spoken with the Writers Guild about writing the episodes in a TV series on Justice Abuse Victims, as Mr. Fahey is just another in the stream of mayhem that started me on this project. It costs about $20K per half-hour episode, out the door with premium quality.

I have been through all of this before. By myself it was impossible. In spite of my efforts, I have watched many persons destroyed and sometimes killed by this injustice. It has been very much like fighting with the NAZI's, hauling away my Jewish neighbors.

Even that my social/personal horsepower would allow me to survive the fight, the beatings have been severe, while the "neighbors" were still hauled away to their doom. When we have some time, I'll tell you the story of a former NFL quarterback friend of mine, who was destroyed in a manner not unlike what is happening to the man in Lancaster. The damage that is done by each day in prison is hideous and the man in Lancaster is even all the more innocent.

But with just two of us on board, the chances of success are increased exponentially. Hopefully others will get serious too. With a committe of a dozen or so, we could rock-and-roll.

This effort is the "Big One", in the recovery of liberty. It is the recovery of justice. The contest is between justice and the power of the police-state.
Without this recovery, all other efforts are only managing the decline.

Give me a call to work on some strategies. There is no way to cover enough material without real-time voice-communication.


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Now I am thinking that the best thing we could do for this guy is get somebody in Hollywood interested in making a sympathetic full-length feature film about this episode. Sad to say, but this is an entertainment-driven society. THAT is how we bring attention to causes like this and point out in a not-so-subtle way that the police state has gone TOO far.

Now I am thinking we need to find an agent for the guy to help him write his life story and pitch the story to Hollywood.

I am not joking. I am dead serious.


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I'll tell you what they are thinking Nina, I used to live in LA and worked in this very area for a while, It is the high desert, it's a disgusting place to live, wind, dust, tumbleweeds. No one really cares about it except a few hermits. It IS however very close to the greater Los Angeles area, it is flat and has a clear shot to Vegas, Those who own the casinos in Vegas want to build a high speed rail from this area, Palmdale/Lancaster to Vegas. There will also be a hub connection to the HSR going into the San Joaquin Valley. Along with this they want to use this otherwise useless land to build large Solar farms. So you see this comes from a few different areas and the tool is the LA county. It is sad because more than likely not many will stand up for this man who just wants to be left alone because they cant relate to him, just like the Germans couldnt relate to the Jews

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If I were the guy in jail, I would want you to spread the story far and wide and especially in the jurisdiction where Acton is located and get citizens in that city/county to put huge pressure on the local authorities to BACK OFF. The Phonehedge project actually has the potential to become the next Winchester Mystery House and attract tourism to their town. What the hell are they thinking??
And even if not is not tourist-trap-worthy, it is his private property! I am so sick of government telling me what I can and cannot do on my own property I can't stand it! So what if it is not up to code (if that is their argument)? It is time to rethink the whole idea of mandatory compliance with building codes on PRIVATE, NON-PUBLIC property. If someone is so poor all they can afford is a cardboard box with an old car door for a roof is it right for anybody to tell them they cannot live in it because it is not up to code? Even if they erect their little shack on their own property or on someone else's property with their permission? Isn't some form of shelter better than none at all? Doesn't requiring code compliance discriminate against the poor? (Private CC&R's are another matter. I do believe that people are stuck with them. They go into the purchase with full knowledge of those covenants. If they don't like them,

buy elsewhere.)


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Maybe step one is to get the victim out of prison and get him restored. It's all well and fine for us to take our time while he sits in prison. And if he lives long enough to get out, then what? Do we care? How much do we care? What if it were you, what would you want us to do?

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It was spectacular! I saw it on a TV program. It has already been in the national spotlight. So has the collusion to clear the right of way for the high speed rail. Every knows about the "witch hunts". There is no organization with enough power to do anything about it and everyone is fooled into believing that "it will change when everybody knows". But everybody already knows. Until this sinks-in, there will be nothing to do but complain and wring hands. What nobody knows, is to do something other than what they are told. This is usually the situation until they are fighting and dying for their lives. This is what Churchill was talking about in his famous quote. We are already in a fight for our lives. Don't wait until the gun is at our head. Step one: Get rid of the police-power over private property. This has been difficult because people value their view and their control over others' property

             more than their liberty\.

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Definitely art and a home
we need to get this travesty into the national spotlight
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I dont have time to research but my gut feeling is it is one of many parcels being dozed
to make way for speculation purchases for hi-speed rail

The article fails to mention whose property this artwork was built on and under what conditions. Most cities have antibligth laws, and one man's art is another's eyesore. Steve Sent from my wireless T-Bolt
Police-power over private property. This is another monstrous tragedy. A monument destroyed. A man's life's work destroyed. His life destroyed. And the taxpayers are paying to have it done. That's you. Welcome to the American police-state. Regional planners are determining the specifications of the police powers over your property now. Some of these specifications are according to international environmental accords. If your property does not meet these specifications, your property is breaking the law and can be condemned. You can be arrested as an accomplice to the crime. Unfortunately, this article explains this in terms of a "debtors prison". This is completely incorrect and fails to reveal the full extent and danger of the malignant police-state at work. The police-state has made an end-run around the prohibitions of debtors prisons with measures that are far worse. Ask the builder of this monument, now destroyed, about being in prison now.

Ask him what his hard work got him.

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