[BAP2] CALIF: Debtors Prison - its happening

Police-power over private property.
This is another monstrous tragedy.
A monument destroyed.
A man's life's work destroyed.
His life destroyed.
And the taxpayers are paying to have it done. That's you.

Welcome to the American police-state.

Regional planners are determining the specifications of the police powers over your property now. Some of these specifications are according to international environmental accords.

If your property does not meet these specifications, your property is breaking the law and can be condemned. You can be arrested as an accomplice to the crime.

Unfortunately, this article explains this in terms of a "debtors prison". This is completely incorrect and fails to reveal the full extent and danger of the malignant police-state at work.

The police-state has made an end-run around the prohibitions of debtors prisons with measures that are far worse.

Ask the builder of this monument, now destroyed, about being in prison now.
Ask him what his hard work got him.