Banning abortion insurance

From the NYT...Negotiations with the House are expected to be completed after New Year’s. Under the deal worked out with Mr. Nelson, health insurance plans would not be required or forbidden to cover abortions, but states could prohibit the coverage of abortions by plans that are offered for sale through new government-regulated marketplaces.........

So lets see. A healthy but poor young women is forced into a very expensive plan that subsidizes older and sicker people.

Then when she needs a medically necessary abortion, she is denied coverage by the local Yahoo busybodies.

By my count, she gets screwed three times, that is unless she used a Turkey Baster.

What happened to "Abortion Riders"? Pelosi called it 'insulting'
but the laugh would have been on the pro-life folks; the cost of
such a rider would probably have been negative!

harland harrison
LP of San Mateo County CA

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