Ballot Recommendations?

What are the LPSF Ballot Recommendations for the June 6 Primary Election? A quick perusal of the LPSF website didn't seem to indicate anything. What about Propositions A & B?

Along similar lines, I didn't see anything on the California LP website about Propositions 28 & 29, either.


Hi David,

Blame me for the the LPSF website. I already promised the group to update it by middle of this week. There will be some good stuff then.



I haven't seen the Executive Committee's decision on Props 28 and 29, but I can almost guarantee you they will oppose 28 and either oppose or remain neutral on 29. Proposition 28 is of course a no-brainer, since it is a new tax proposal. Prop 29 requires some detailed analysis to see if it is less bad than the term limit provisions we have now.



  We are currently voting on a motion to oppose both these measures, and if I recall correctly it appears to be passing without opposition (I voted to oppose both).

Love & Liberty,
                                              ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee

Thanks, Starchild. And of course, I got the numbers mixed up when I tapped this out. Prop. 29 is the tobacco tax increase and Prop. 28 is the term limit proposal.

Opposing both sounds completely reasonable.