Ballot Argument Rebuttals

Hi Aubrey,

I am gearing up for the rebuttals to be turned in on Monday. In spite of having done all this before, I am still confused. Do we know which arguments were chosen specifically? For example we turned in 2 parcel tax arguments that were very different in information given; so I am wondering if the rebuttals would need to both address the proponent arguments, but also reiterate or defend the thoughts in the opponent piece. Huuummm...I am confused!

Also, do you need me to send you, post here, or do anything with my parcel tax argument to facilitate the rebuttals? Let me know.


Hi Marcy! Sorry, I forgot to answer the question below. If you can post one of your "A" arguments in the meantime, that would be helpful. I got so wrapped up in the revising and such that I didn't have time to read (and enjoy) your final arguments.