Ballot argument filing after-action report [1 Attachment]

Hi Starchild! Here's what I have come up with for the rebuttal on Proposition
A. Please use what you can, but don't feel obligated to use anything if my
points don't fit into your arguments. I felt like adding something about
cronyism--which the proposition is so obviously about since it was four
Supervisors who pushed this whole salary thing in the first place--but
I resisted and decided to stick to the points they made.

Do we need to race down to the Department of Elections tomorrow morning just
like Friday? Do the officers have to approve the rebuttal just like the
argument against that we submitted on Friday? Not sure if the process is
different for a rebuttal. If you need a ride, please let me know.



Would it be possible to email this to me in the body of an email? I was
unable to access the attachment.


Warm regards, Michael

Hi Michael! Here's my rebuttal to the argument for raising the salaries of
school board members. Actually, not that much of this got used in the final
rebuttal that we turned in to the Department of Elections, but I thought
Starchild wrote an excellent rebuttal himself, so I didn't care. As long as
someone (and preferably from the SFLP) says the things that need to be said, I
don't care who says them!

We agree that the school board members do work hard, but they should not be
complaining about “the financial burden” now, since they all knew what the
salary was when they campaigned for their jobs. Their positions were always
intended as part-time opportunities for professionals who had real jobs to help
the community with their expertise.

While it is probable that requiring the school board members to take
professional training will look good on their resumes, the additional cost of
their salaries (and related fringe benefits) will mean less money is available
for teacher salaries and student programs. This will likely hurt, not help to
raise, the level of student achievement in our schools.

Comparing school board members to teachers by linking salaries is a poor
analogy. The teachers are the ones on the front line—they deserve better pay.
The school board members are administrative in nature and should never be
considered as primary providers. Their only role should more properly be seen
as a part-time opportunity to empower teachers and parents.

By the way, I also have the same problem opening attachments that I send through
the lpsf-activists list, so maybe I'm not doing something right. I'll have to
ask Rob or someone more in tune with technology what I'm doing wrong. I simply
browse and attach, and I can see the correct name of the file, and in my sent
folder I can see the little paper clip, so everything looks right, but then I
can't open the attachment when I get the email in my inbox. I always send it
again to Starchild's sfdreamer address, and it seems to be OK that way.
Technology baffles me!

Marcy, also by the way, thanks for schlepping down to City Hall yesterday
morning, sick as a dog, with your little big stockings falling down, to get your
signature on the rebuttal. That finishing touch made it official. You're a
real trouper--I'm glad you're on our side!


Hi Aubrey,

Amazing that I made it to City Hall! For the record, the quote from Hamlet I was trying to recall was spoken by Ophelia (not Polonius), and describes how I looked and felt that day: "...Lord Hamlet, with his doublet all unbraced; no hat upon his head; his stockings foul'd, ungarter'd, and down-gyved to his ancle..." (Act II Scene I)

Good arguments from you and Starchild, which we can use at the next salary-raising attempt, if no election in June.