[baclc] Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) - Cops Are Illegitimate

I really don’t see much wrong with the police as a whole. For the most part, I barely notice them, other than their numbers are growing; and possibly, a national coordination is being in placed, which could erode even more rights, much faster; that right being, the right to bear arms, to protect one’s property; but then, after the Black Panthers in the 70’s even libertarians sided with arm limitations towards many. So, the current urban crackdown is just “them people” problems. Except, “it all rolls down hill” and to be racially justified, I’d consult law enforcement to eliminate “white privilege” so, socially, a person like myself wouldn’t have anything to compare to a military industrial complex. Treat everyone like captured citizens and police complaints shall disappear.
I’m all for it. “Lady, lie face down on hot pavement, as per procedure, or be shot, and Starchild, we got body cams to prove it. GET ON THE GROUND, NOW!”
Let EVERY ONE be next.

I am pretty much of a home body, so I don't really know if "white privilege" really exists or is a figment of imaginations. But, I would have a lot of trouble visualizing those folks in the LEAP video I mentioned, most of them Black, being told to GET ON THE GROUND, NOW! Maybe we are talking about "suits privilege" Black or White.

Lord almighty! Let everyone stop seeing everything in terms of race in this country!