[ba-liberty] Transgender Day of Remembrance Nov. 20, SF

Equal protection under the law isn't a special privilege. The Day of
Remembrance is about the fact that, while our society spends millions of tax
dollars trying to find and prosecute the murderer of a cute young woman named
Laci, not 1/100th of the resources will be spent on trying to find the
murderer of a tranny named Rita. Whenever Starchild has made a point about
more government being needed to promote equality, it's only been to equalize
the amount of government effort and money already spent on more "desirable"
members of society.

Gay marriage only became an issue because straight marriage receives so many
"special rights" from our government, such as inheritance rights, the right to
make medical decisions for one's sick partner, etc.

Outrage over unsolved tranny murders only became an issue because, from Nicole
Simpson to Laci Peterson, our wonderful District Attorneys throughout this
country will spend huge disproportionate amounts of their budget on
high-profile murder cases involving pretty young women.

As I've said before, when all the straight married people tear up their
marriage certificates, I'll stop trying to get my own "special rights" to get
married. Similarly, when the day comes that all murders result in the police
detectives throwing up their hands and calling a murder unsolved less than 24
hours after the fact (as they typically do with tranny murders), well, then,
we'll abandon the struggle for the "special rights" of murder investigation,