[ba-liberty] Naturalization ceremony is at 9am tomorrow (Tuesday)


  Doesn't it feel slightly ironic as a libertarian, giving credit to immigrants who work in the government-run military, but not to those who serve in more valuable and needed roles in the private sector, such as the relatively low-paid and thankless kitchen, janitorial, farming and manual labor jobs that keep so many businesses running?

  There is a downside for *anyone* who votes for "free" socialistic services, which is that they will end up more than paying for these things in taxes and a soured economy. Perhaps becoming a citizen often does indicate a willingness to follow government orders and adopt a nationalist mindest -- oops, I mean participate more fully in national life -- but unless they plan to get involved with libertarian causes, I see more benefit to liberty if immigrants involve themselves less with government rather than more.

Yours in liberty,
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