ATTENTION LURKERS - School Board forum at Lincoln High School tomorrow night / Bayview candidate forum

There are 109 people on this list. I hope some of you can make it out to tomorrow night's candidate forum (see details below). So far not one Libertarian has shown up at any of my events, that I've been aware of. Having people present works as a kind of "multiplier effect" to having me there as a candidate, because you can applaud when I say pro-freedom stuff, making the other candidates take it that much more seriously, ask pro-freedom questions, etc.

  I'm not talking about our regular handful of members who are at least somewhat active or supportive of the local party in various ways, but I have to wonder about the rest of you. I'm glad you're on the list and reading the posts (assuming you do read at least some of what you subscribe to), but I'm assuming you'd like to see more freedom in this city, or you wouldn't be here. But this freedom won't come about by itself -- it will only happen if people make it happen.

  Most people have either time or money. If you can't send some money to help support the LPSF, can you at least take some time to support those of us who have gone to the trouble and expense to run for office and represent libertarian ideas? How important is the cause of freedom to you, and what are you doing about it? I hope I'm not being too blunt here. if you have feedback, I want to hear it. Can we have a conversation?

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  I just got back from a "town hall meeting" in the Bayview with candidates for School Board and District 10 Supervisor which was pretty interesting. I knew the organizer's name was familiar, but it didn't click until after I got there that this is where I'd read about him --

  Nobody got into anybody's face or held a shouting match, but it was a mostly black audience of maybe 30 or 40, and there was definitely some fiery talk and vocal affirmation from audience members at times, almost like we were in church and people were responding to a pastor's sermon. The mostly education-oriented question topics included environmental concerns regarding the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard land and destruction of old buildings that might release harmful debris into the air, how to improve the neighborhood's schools, whether something like a video we were shown (a CNN clip of a successful black school in Connecticut) could happen in SF, a proposed mandate to require companies to hire more local workers.

  Among the top areas of concern seemed to be getting jobs for local residents, especially for young people, raising low expectations for students, and improving education quality. A number of candidates spoken in favor about things like making school year-round, extending the school day, But the biggest applause line I got (and perhaps the biggest of the whole evening) was when I said I thought we should abolish the Redevelopment Agency. It's definitely not a popular organization with this crowd. :slight_smile: Probably wouldn't hurt to make this issue one of our focuses if we ever get around to developing some local issue fliers.

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