Dear Don and Marcy and UCSF Mike;

The simple fact is if you own a handgun and you regularly practice - this means at least a couple times a month minimum - preferably combat courses - with the handgun at the firing range - carry the hand gun - then sort out the mess after the fact -

You will be alive to be able to sort out the facts after the fact - you do not need Sheriff Henessey to issue you a cdw. Why not - ask the people who attacked Don and Mike if they have a cdw - don't bother - they don't need no cdw - you don't need no cdw.

Screw Hennessey and the SFPD and the screwballs on the Board of Supervisors. None of those idiots are going to be there when you are attacked - you have to protect yourself - then protect yourself.

CDW's are pure BS - they take away YOUR RIGHT to protect yourself when you need to protect yourself - as I have said in LTE's about the police to the newspapers which were published - the police are crime historians - they clean up after the mess - they are not there to stop it from happening - the only person who can do that is yourself.

If you need to protect yourself - YOU PROTECT YOU - buy a handgun - practice with it a lot and carry it - the hell with cdw's........

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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These are good words in a certain context, but that context is not
likely to be mine in the foreseeable future. It seems to me very much
like advising people to refuse to pay income tax. When the income tax
is repealed, it will probably be because a critical mass was refusing to
pay. But until we approach that critical mass, the isolated individuals
who do it--Karl Hess, Karl Bray, Irwin Schiff, Ward Dean--simply go to
jail (or, in Hess's case, he wasn't allowed to handle money); and it's
not obvious to me that that even advances the cause very much at this
time. If I had any doubts about how use of a gun in self-defense would
be perceived by San Francisco jurors, they were plainly dispelled in my
recent voir dire. Although about two thirds of prospective jurors
reported having been the victim of an attack, or being close to someone
who was, one juror after another still insisted righteously, "There's
absolutely no need for anyone to carry a gun in San Francisco."