assault on Cusik at HRC and response to your "chair"

for your edification, Rob,

Cusik had purchased a ticket and was a paid guest

Unlike yourself, Theresa Sparks, Tom Ammiano and Aaron Peskin are
following up and supporting Catherine, and she has retained legal counsel.

I will refrain from profanity,
but it will rain all year around in the Sahara before I ever ask a
Libertarian to ever stand for my rights.

(Starchild, Mike, Phil, still luv ya,
but this truly turns my stomach)

No wonder why you so sorely lack of People of Color among your ranks...
Thanks for nothin' honeychair,
maybe you should follow your dream
and go back to Tennesse to shoot trespassers.

Pass the MegaBarfffffffffffffBucketttttttttt
and Pahleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz,
remove me from this foul website, TODAY.


  I can understand why you are upset -- I personally don't think the fact that it was a private function excuses dragging out a paid attendee who is simply handing out fliers and fails to leave immediately if requested, and Rob could have expressed his view to the contrary with more sensitivity. The reference to shooting trespassers was rather over the top, even though the comment had nothing to do with race (everyone has the same rights to self defense, regardless of skin color). However I am certain Rob was not speaking from personal experience or inclination to shoot anyone; I don't believe he even owns a firearm, and he is a quite harmless-looking and generally mild-mannered gay guy, possibly more likely to be shot *at* in Tennessee than the other way around. Besides which he may not have been aware Catherine was an invited (i.e. paid and ticketed) guest at the event, which means there was a contract of sorts, a significant difference from a libertarian property rights perspective.

  As far as never asking a "Libertarian to ever stand for my rights" though, I'm kind of disappointed you'd say that. You wouldn't want someone to judge all blacks on the basis of one person's words; why would you do the same with regard to Libertarians? I'd also point out that the HRC is mostly Democrats, and they're the ones who *hired* the thuggish security dudes and stood by while Catherine was mistreated! So if you seriously feel that way about Libertarians simply from hearing Rob's comment (I understand that people often say ill-considered things on the spur of the moment, especially via email, which may have been partly the case with Rob's original remark), I can't wait to hear the vitriol you're about to unleash on the party of Robert Byrd, et. al.! Not to mention the party whose members are mostly responsible for running San Francisco, i.e. who have control over the SFPD and thus bear indirect responsibility for killing Idriss Stelley and others as well as failing to take appropriate remedial actions to stop this kind of thing from happening over and over again.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I agree with Starchild that Rob was a bit upset, and it showed, when
he wrote the e-mail. However, it is equally uncalled for, I believe,
to attack him verbally as well as attack his right to free speech.

Mesha has requested to be removed from this list by sending an e-mail
to my personal e-mail address. I hesitate to delete her name in
deference to those of you who have tried so hard to build bridges to
her community (for which I commend you). However, if I receive one
more request via my personal address, I see no other choice but to

By the way, Mesha's words sadden me a great deal.